10 year old Emma’s VBT surgery Wish

August 10, 2017 0

Young Emma Trumper from Skerries suffers from a debilitating spinal condition called scoliosis.  Emma has been offered a spinal fusion, scoliosis surgery, in which two stainless steel rods and screws are implanted along the spinal column, This should in turn help straighten up the spine.  This procedure comes with a list of complications .Once fully healed the fused spine will not grow and does not bend.

Emma’s mum Jackie researched and discovered that there is another option – VBT – Vertebral Body Tethering.  VBT is a minimally invasive surgical. Bone screws are anchored to the front of each vertebral bone and a flexible cord (the tether) is attached to each screw and tensioned to achieve the spine straightening. Unlike fusion, VBT allows for continued growth and mobility of the entire spine as well as additional straightening of the spine as Emma finishes growing.

Emma_TrumperFewer complications, quicker recovery, better success rate but for some reason this operation is not offered in Ireland. It’s not offered in the UK. It is however done in USA, Germany and Turkey the cost of the VBT surgery is very expensive so Jackie was at a loss until I came across Shriners childrens hospital Philadelphia all medical treatment is covered by the hospital, This for Emma has been the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jackie is trying to fund  raise to cover the costs of  up to 6 weeks of accommodation for herself and Emma and flights and transfers to the USA. Plus daily living expenses and other unforeseen expenses.  Her goal  is to raise €25,000.  The operation will save Emma from years of pain.

Without this surgery her only choice is to endure an operation that will not give her the best chance in life.

The rate of her curve regression is at the highest level possible so time is not on their side. Currently Emma is 52° thoracic curve and 39° lumber curve.

If you can help out in any way please CLICK HERE to donate to Emma’s VBT surgery Wish on gofund me and give this little girl a chance of a normal life.  Many thanks…