Beware of Rogue Collectors!

December 9, 2014 0

The Balbriggan\north county Dublin branch of Irish guide dogs for the Blind have been told that two young men were going door to door collecting money in Fancourt Heights Balbriggan recently on behalf of guide dogs and that another young man was going door to door in the Tara Cove area of the town with a sponsorship card where he said he was doing a sponsored “Climb of Croke Patrick”.

community_alert_signIrish guide dogs for the blind national policy is that door to door collections are never done anywhere so please if these two young men turn up at your door ask them firstly for I.d. and their permit to do such a collection and if you get no clear answer ring An Garda on 01 8020510.

Nobody in the Balbriggan\North county Dublin branch or head office in cork is aware of any sponsored climb of Croke Patrick. No sponsorship cards were issued to anybody from the local branch or from head office. So again if somebody comes to the door with a sponsor card ask for official I.d. and if this is not forthcoming ring An Garda on 8020510 If somebody out there does know of somebody who is doing either of the above and they know the people are genuine please contact the local branch of guide dogs on or 085 7663107