59% of GP’s Sign Up to Provide Free GP Care for Under 6’s in North Dublin

June 17, 2015 0

Labour TD Brendan Ryan is urging Fingal parents with children aged under 6 to sign them up for free GP visits. The registration process opened on Monday morning and parents can register by logging onto the website.    As a result of the scheme, 15808  of under 6s in total in Fingal will now have access to free GP care. Visit the website at www.gpvisitcard.ie.


Brendan Ryan TD

Ryan said: “I would encourage parents whose children will benefit from the scheme to sign them up straight away, so they can begin availing of free GP visits from July 1st.

“The online system is easy-to-use and is as simple as booking a flight. Anyone who has any queries or questions can contact my office where we’d be happy to step people through the sign-up process.

“I am delighted to finally see this initiative being rolled out across the country, because it will ease the pressure on working families, and give peace of mind to parents of sick children. It means that no parent of young children will ever be in a position again where money becomes an obstacle to bringing their child to a GP.

“Without Labour in Government, this simply would not have happened. It is perhaps the single most important development in primary care in the history of the State, and my colleague, Primary Care Minister Kathleen Lynch, played a crucial in getting it across the line.

“As of today, 59% of GPs in North Dublin have registered for this scheme, 73 out of a total of 124. I would ask all parents to request their GP to sign up for the scheme. This is a very positive step forward in our quest to provide free GP care for everyone. It should be available to all.”.