A Special Balbriggan Christmas Tale

December 27, 2013 0

December for many, if not all is a very busy time, decorating trees, putting up lights, getting the small ones all set for Christmas for some all the while juggling work and other commitments it can be hectic but one thing is for sure on Christmas day the hard work pays off when your surrounded by loved ones young and old and everyone is happy and grateful for what they have.

home_for_christmas_balbriggan_25dec13_2Mine started a little different to that this year when my Fiance was sent to Lebanon with his job as an Irish Soldier in November, while its heartbreaking to say goodbye to those we love who go out on these trips, it’s a job that needs to be done and as we have been together for almost seven years it is something I’ve become familiar with. And so Stephen sent off on his trip and myself and liam get on with day to day living here. I consider myself a lucky girl as i have a very hands on family who help whenever asked willingly.

Christmas songs fill the air and all the hype was starting but I could still feel a bit of sadness that Stephen wouldn’t be with us on Christmas day. We live in Fancourt Heights and I am fortunate to have a lot of genuinely lovely neighbours around me. As Balbriggan born girl who grew up in this estate I know them all and know they are always there to help if needed. House prices may vary in different estates but good neighbours are priceless.

When Stephen is away we talk on skype and on the phone and chit chat about our day like any other couple and I told him of my plans to spend it with my mam, dad, brother, sisters and nephews. He spoke about his plans and we constantly told each other how much we missed being together and how hard being apart Christmas day would be, but had begrudgingly accepted that this year that is just the way it had to be.

What lay on the horizon was very different though…

I finished work on Friday the 20th and was off until the 30th of December so some things were looking up. I went for Christmas drinks that night with my work colleagues and had asked them all to keep Stephen in their prayers and to pray he would come home safely to me for his trip break the end of January.

The next morning I got up and do what most do tidying the house etc and got a phone call from Stephens dad Denis saying he would call down with half of Liam’s Christmas present. Low and behold he knocked the door and asked me to go out with Liam to open the boot to take in his present, as we all know the weather is crazy and I looked at him like he had ten heads as it was raining and thinking to myself ” Carry it in yourself”!!

home_for_christmas_balbriggan_25dec13I walked out to the car tried opening the boot but couldn’t. Denis gave it a click and with the biggest smile said open it…………. I did and still not really looking in the boot I heard ” Happy Christmas Trinie ” and nearly fell over. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked again and seen Stephen and his Gorgeous smile looking at me.

Liam in an instant was the happiest little boy, he had his daddy home and was hugging him like his life depended on it. Stephen was home from the Lebanon on a surprise visit for 6 days.

Words cant describe how happy this made me and Liam nor can they describe the feeling in our hearts. It was/is the best present ever to be able to spend the festive season with everyone you love and care for. My sister Miriams boyfriend Mark travelled from Australia to be with her and her son Jake as well so it is safe to say my mams house Christmas day was filled with smiles and laughter as always as we all sat together and made memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Very own Christmas Miracle in the wonderful Town of Balbriggan
Merry Christmas Everyone xxx
Catriona, Stephen & Liam