A Very Special Thank You!

May 3, 2014 0

We received a lovely email from Maria Downes who is desperately trying to get a thank you to a Sandra O’Brien (we think this is the ladies name). If you know Sandra please pass this on as we would really like to get this message to her

thank_you“On Oct 21st 2013, my dad Gus Downes slipped and fell at the AIB bank, he broke his leg, a lovely lady Sandra O Brien (I think!) helped my dad and stayed with him until the ambulance took him away, Sandra, her daughter and the banks doorman were very kind to him he was in alot of pain and distress.

Sandra called me on dads mobile and I was able to get to the bank from work before the ambulance left. My family, my Dad and I would like to thank Sandra and her daughter for all their kindness and help. But have no way of contacting them, If anyone knows them can they pass it on or my email address is with balbriggan.info if they would like contact my dad would really like to say thank you to them himself “

~ Maria Downes ~