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As residents of Balbriggan we always struggled to find out the events that were taking place, the clubs and classes that existed, and in general what was going on in Balbriggan . We drew on the conclusion that if we are struggling then there must be other people who also live in Balbriggan that must be oblivious to the great facilities that Balbriggan has to offer.

Building on this we decided to set up a structured website at the end of December 2010 that would allow local business, shops, clubs and classes a platform to advertise their services – click here for details on how you can advertise on Balbriggan.info.

From time to time flyers come in the door (sometimes in bulk!!) and with people being so busy sometimes these find their ways into green bins without ever being read. Out aim is to provide information about Balbriggan online so you never have to keep that piece of paper again!

We hope that you find the website useful and if you have any feedback, news or events please do not hesitate to email us at  info@balbriggan.info

Kim McCormack Joe Kelly
Kim McCormack
Joe Kelly
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Kind Regards,
The Balbriggan.info Team

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