Arts Week in St Molaga’s National School Balbriggan teaching children about Irish Artists

October 23, 2019 0

The children of St Molaga’s National School in Balbriggan put on an art exhibition today for teachers and parents as part of their Arts Week. This is the event’s third year, and alongside well-known figures, the children also learned about Irish artists and recreated some of their work. The children from each class stood with their exhibits, and told the other classes and parents about the artist they chose and their art style.

One of the classes learned about Alan Ardiff, an artist working in Dublin, and they used clay to recreate his signature silver and gold jewellery. Ardiff uses a bee motif, which has a special significance to the school named after the Beekeeper St Molaga. Alan Ardiff is also visiting the school this Friday.

One of the fourth classes studied Eoin O’Connor, an artist who owns two galleries in Ireland. Amy, one of the children in the class, said “He really likes to paint cows and he really likes colours.” The children also made coasters to replicate O’Connor’s work.

Another class studied Orla Kiely, an Irish designer who takes her inspiration from nature. Clodagh stood by her class’s work, and said Orla Kiely makes “wallpaper, handbags, jewellery and bed covers”, and only uses three colours in most of her work.

Jessica’s class studied Michael Craig Martin. Unlike other artists he “outlines his drawings in marker”. Jessica said “Usually we do really difficult stuff but this was really easy because we used household items”

The children also learned about artists including Monet, Andy Warhol, Dali and Picasso.

Melissa Sweeney, one of the parents attending the exhibition, thought it was great the children were so passionate about the artists. “I think it’s fab,” she said, “they can’t wait to tell you everything.”

By Sally Dobie