August Floods bring Balbriggan to a standstill!

August 10, 2019 0

After continuous heavy rain last night and today many roads in Balbriggan were flooded. On the southside of the town, outside Wavin on the R132 motorists took caution as they passed the flooded road however at the other end of the town outside the Cardy Rock estate one motorist and a child became trapped in their car. 

Balbriggan Fire Brigade attended a flood outside Balbriggan Garda Station where a man hole cover had lifted.  Outside of the town at Tobersool Lane in Gormanstown the river had burst it’s banks and caused flooding at the bridge.  At Delvin bridge the road was also flooded as water poured from the gate of a property leading out onto the main road.   Check out our facebook page for videos at each of the locations today…