Balbriggan artist Rony to showcase his work at the 2017 International Pool Art Fair

May 18, 2017 0

Rony Sidon is an artist from the Caribbean who has been based in Balbriggan for 10 years. Rony has showcased his artwork with Artists Rest Workshop Group founded by Martin Hugues and Drawing Group Sketchbound founded by Alison O’ Grady. Rony has been selected to show his artwork this June at the International Pool Art Fair 2017 in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean and the invited country is Haiti.

2d1c84b97893d1dffe71aaa8cbb5c65fRony told “The highlight point for me is, I will be sharing the gallery stand with a old friend meet via Facebook, Artist Armel Promeneur. We were at college together and we lost contact and 20 years back we will have the chance to meet via Facebook and now we are going to meet under the bridge of Art in our home country Guadeloupe.

“The second important part for me is to be able to expose how living Ireland has an impact on my art development, the environment, the divers culture, the obsession with the sea of Balbriggan (movement of waves) and the Celtic Art for example.

“My artistic language is orientated around the mechanism, I call “Free Drawing “- the notion of black line, sign and symbol are important and the used of the packaging element cardboard reinforce the urban, recycling idea. I transform the physical aspect of the cardboard and project layers like a metaphor for a cultural displacement.

“It will be great if I will be able to show this body of work in Balbriggan in the coming future in Balbriggan.”

Best of Luck to Rony in the fair and we look forward to seeing some photos from Rony on his return…