Balbriggan Allotment Association Granted Funding for 236 Allotments & A Herd of Pigs

June 15, 2012 0

Traditionally an industrial town located within a fertile agricultural area, it has been many years since Balbriggan, the most Northerly town in County Dublin had designated community allotments. In July of 2011 Fingal County Council began working with local residents to meet the needs of locals who would like to grow their own food without having to travel as far as other successful schemes in the Local Authority Area such as Skerries and Turvey.

Eóin Redmond (aged 3) holding a pea shoot in a plant pot, taken by Caítríona Redmond.

Eóin Redmond (aged 3) holding a pea shoot in a plant pot, taken by Caítríona Redmond.

This week the Fingal Leader Partnership confirmed that they will be providing assistance under the Rural LEADER fund in order to provide 236 Allotments to the community, this will be put to the funding already allocated by Fingal County Council (who have also provided the land) and construction is due to commence very shortly.

Caítríona Redmond, Chair of the Allotment Association says:

“The Balbriggan Allotment Scheme will be one of a kind in Ireland with a full acre of land set aside to raise a herd of free range pigs which will be owned and tended to in a syndicate.
The pig syndicate is something that I don’t think has been tried before. I think it’s really important that our children learn to respect the food they eat and how animals should be treated humanely. While most cattle in Ireland would be free range, the majority of pigs aren’t.
At home we’ve been growing our own food for years and it has helped us significantly reduce our grocery bill. However it’s not just about growing and eating your own food. Once you get involved in an allotment scheme you’re becoming part of a community, you exchange tips, tricks, build friendships and share a common goal.
A large part of the allotment scheme will be a communal area to the centre which will hopefully become a focal point for BBQ’s, meetings, a play area for children and we will also have a designated educational plot so that new and beginner allotmenteers can learn how to grow from the experts within the scheme.
All of this would not be possible without the support of the Parks Division of Fingal County Council and the Fingal Leader Partnership.”


Prices to rent an allotment start from just €50 per year for the smallest size which is 5m x 10m but the majority of the allotments provided in the new scheme will be 10m x 10m which will cost €100 per annum.

Many of the allotments have already been reserved however a small number are still available and can be booked by emailing