Balbriggan Beach

Balbriggan is home to a beautiful sandy beach which is only two minutes from Balbriggan town centre and the train station. On a fine day you can see the mountains of Mourne across the stretch of water.  A large colony of seals inhabit the coastline at Hampton and can regularly be seen around the harbour, especially when the fishing boats head home after their time out at sea.

Lifeguards are on duty during the weekends for the month of June and full time for July and August. Watch out for the lifeguard flag which is always flying when the lifeguards are on duty.

PLEASE BIN IT: We all enjoy the beach throughout the year, so it’s very important for wildlife and the environment that we are careful to leave it as we’d like to find it, taking all our litter with us.  Even better, if you see rubbish nearby you take the time to drop it in a bin.  When you do it, others do it…