Balbriggan Golf Club 75th Anniversary Drive

March 9, 2020 0

Balbriggan Golf Club held its 75th Anniversary Drive -in on Saturday 7th March. The huge crowd were entertained by piper Callum Pinter as they waited patiently for both Captains to arrive & they were not disappointed. Lady Captain Breegen & Captain Barry wearing attire from 1945, arrived in style in a magnificent 90 year old Vintage Austin Martin Car. The Juveniles & Cadets provided a guard of honour as both Captains unfurled the new 75th Anniversary Flag accompanied by Juvenile Captains Katie & Conor.

balbriggan-golf-club-logoFamiliar friends & members cheered as the Captains, Juveniles Captains Katie & Conor took to the 1st Tee box to begin the Drive-In with plenty of encouragement from the crowd.  First up was Katie sending the ball up the fairway, followed by Conor with a fantastic drive over the hill. Lady Captain Breegen with elegance & poise had absolutely no problem also hitting the ball high up the fairway.  All this was followed by huge cheering. Last but by no means least it was the turn of Captain Barry. The was great heckling and jeering from everyone but it had no effect on the Captain as he hit an magnificent drive well up the fairway, much to his relief!!

The champagne was corked & Lady Vice Captain Maire presented a beautiful bouquet of flowers to Lady Captain Breegen. Vice Captain Mark announced the competition of the day could now begin as members headed to their respective tee box positions.

Congratulations to all the competition winners

Ladies Competition
Elaine Kinsella, Esther McConnell, Orla Rooney & Carol Malone Score 68.5

Men’s Competition
1st Tony Healy, Kyle Healy, Dave Watson, Martin Kavanagh, score 59
2nd Gary Maguire, Philip Tracey, John Campbell, Paul McNally

Mixed Competition
1st Philip & Stephen Tracey, Evelyn Tolan & Nicola Campbell 59.2
2nd Peter & Orla Sullivan, Pat & Catherine Casey, score 60.