Balbriggan musicians set for Groove School

July 4, 2018 0

As part of the Balbriggan Socio-Economic Regeneration Strategy, Fingal County Council and Dublin City University have partnered to bring the Boston-based Berkley Music School’s Groove School programme to Ireland in August. Thirty-nine of the 100 places on the three-day programme have been given to students from Balbriggan’s Loreto Secondary School and Ardgillan Community College and the students will be involved in a concert on August 3 at the culmination of the course.

The Groove School program offers participants access to the Berklee method of music education, encompassing theory, ear training, improvisation, ensemble performance, and instrumental instruction. During the programme, participants will also have the opportunity to audition to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the students from Balbriggan to improve their musical education and is a result of an initiative by the Balbriggan Leadership Group to assist local musicians in realising their potential and getting the most from their talents,” said Brian MacCraith who is Chairman of the Balbriggan Leadership Group.

“Groove is, to many, the basis of all that we do. It’s the feel: the groove moves us. All musicians in contemporary music should have an understanding of groove, style, and the functioning of the backline not only to be better performers, but to be better songwriters and producers. Groove School at DCU is going to give the participants the insight into how it’s done,” said Laura Guilfoyle of DCU.

The workshop will take place on three consecutive days from August 1 and, Wednesday–Friday, and will generally run from 10am to 5pm although there may be additional evening events at the discretion of the programme organisers.

Groove School will present sessions in lecture and master class formats. The lecture sessions will enable students to learn about various performance skills and techniques centred on groove and style while the master classes allow students to put them into practice.

The Deputy Mayor of Fingal, Cllr Gráinne Maguire, said: “The purpose of the Leadership Group is to identify ways to make a real difference to the people of Balbriggan and this initiative is an example of what can be achieved. I have no doubt the participants will get a lot from the workshop and it is a great opportunity for them to develop their talents.”

The Balbriggan Leadership Group comprises of a number of Councillors, Senior Fingal County Council officials and key public and private sector stakeholders across the four main pillar themes of Local Economy & Enterprise, Community Affairs & Integration, Employment, Education & Training and Public Realm & Placemaking.

The overall purpose of the Balbriggan Leadership Group is to develop a long-term socio-economic strategy for Balbriggan. The leadership group will oversee the preparation, drafting and agreement of the strategy which will be finalised and delivered in Autumn 2018.

The Leadership Group consists of the following members:

  • Professor Brian MacCraith (Chairman)
  • Chris Harmon, Chair Local Economy & Enterprise Pillar
  • Adeline O’Brien, Chair, Community Affairs & Integration Pillar
  • Siobhan Lawlor, Chair Employment, Education & Training Pillar
  • Fionnuala May, Chair, Public Realm & Placemaking Pillar
  • Dr Fionnuala Anderson, Dublin and Dun Laoghaire ETB
  • Alice Davis, Balbriggan Community Council
  • Brian Killoran, Immigrant Council of Ireland
  • Cllr Grainne Maguire
  • Cllr Malachy Quinn
  • Cllr Tony Murphy