Proposed Modular Homes in Balbriggan

balbriggan_modular_homes_PHASE_201-Jul-16: Based on the large number of submissions from residents regarding the modular homes in Pinewood Balbriggan,  Fingal County Council have reduced the number of proposed homes from 40 to 24 and to build a 72sqm community room.

The new plan is now on display until 11th August in the Council offices in Swords and Balbriggan and on the website and you can view the site location map, site plan, plans and elevations and site notice below:

HAVE YOUR SAY: Submissions or observations with respect to the proposed development dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the development would be situated, may be made ether through

Online submissions close in

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29-Jan-16: From the public meeting on 28th January regarding the building of 40 modular homes in Pinewood, Balbriggan, the clear message was that Balbriggan does not agree with the proposed development of 40 modular homes.

balbriggan_says_no_to_modular_homesPlans to build 500 units were announced by the Government in December 2015 with the first 150 set to be delivered by Dublin City Council. It is estimated that Fingal target would be between 80 and 100 units with 40 now being proposed for Pinewood in Balbriggan 50% of the Fingal quota!. Fingal  County Council had been identifying sites that would have reasonable access to transport, schools, amenities and the point of origin where the family originated from in the first place.

There has been a tremendous show of strength from Balbriggan people against this proposal. Arguably the highest ever number of submissions on a Part 8 proposal (66 online as well as almost 500 letters & a petition of 400 signatures handed in)

The next stage will be a report by the management team to the Councillors. the report will recommend approval / approval with modifications or rejection. The Councillors then have to vote on it, more than likely this will be at the April meeting.

Reports:  Submission from Pinewood Residents | KTD – Report for Pinewood residents & Appendix A

Question to consider:  Are modular homes the new standard for social housing? is this a pilot for rolling out social housing in the future?

You can follow the news about the proposed modular houses here including any related articles posted below. Additional articles will be added to this page as they become available so check back regularly for updates.

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