Balbriggan Tourist Office is on the Move

May 4, 2015 0

After extensive lobbying Cllr Tony Murphy has convinced Fingal County Council to relocate the Tourist Office into the civic Buildings on St. Georges Square Balbriggan.  “While we were happy to have a tourist office in Balbriggan it needed to be more visible and have a central location” he says.

Cllr Tony Murphy

Cllr Tony Murphy

This will lead to an opportunity to convert the old tourist building into an interim space for a maritime museum.  The maritime museum committee have been working long and hard to find a location to display their historical maritime artifacts.

The ideal offering for the town to have would be a cultural centre to offer space for exhibitions, cultural events and maritime/industrial museum space.

As this is long overdue we need to start the process.

Areas that are in need of investment are the town centre, the working Harbour and our Beach areas.

The iconic landmark that stands guard at the mouth of Balbriggan Harbour “The Lighthouse” needs to be brought back to its former glory.   “Cllr Murphy adds this could be the start of the positive physical changes that are needed for our town”.