Balbriggan’s IronMen Update… THEY DID IT!!!!

July 27, 2010 0

THEY DID IT!!! – Both Sean and Wayne completed the Iron Man Challenge on Sunday 27th July 2010.  A BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO THEY GUYS FOR THIS TREMENDOUS ACHIEVEMENT!!!

You can catch up with the guys in Harbour Knights on Friday 2nd July for their final fundraiser!

Here is a photo of Sean and Wayne on their return at Dublin Airport


Two of Balbriggan’s own, Wayne Cawley and Sean Keenan competed in the Iron Man which will took place in Nice, France on 27th June 2010.

The IronMan is definitely not for the faint hearted. It involved a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run. It must be completed within 16hrs or you get disqualified.

Most top athletes could only ever imagine taking part in one of these events but not the two Balbriggan Lads..

You can view some photos of the Ironmen getting presented with their completion certs and medals in Harbour Knights here

UPDATE (w/c 21st June): The Final Week!

It’s the final week leading up to the Iron Man and Wayne and Sean are winding down to get some rest before the big event. Rest to the Ironmen of Balbriggan consists of “small” training sessions – which involve 10 mile bike rides, 3 mile runs and a half mile swims…..and this is rest!!!As they head into the final days, it’s been an extradionary journey for the two guys and that’s before they even complete the Ironman event on Sunday 27th June. What started as a promise from Sean 12 years ago on July 21st is finally becoming a reality.Both Wayne and Sean are nervous and full of adreneline however, they are avoiding each other as all they talk about is the big event. Questions they are asking of themselves and each other, are have they done enough training? what are they going to eat throughout the event for the 1,000th time?

31810_390926632623_619432623_4532571_5439971_nThis week is all about hydration and calorie control. Wayne is not keen on Sean’s bag of cold potatoes mixed with beans and egg. Wayne prefers his salad rolls. Yes this is the kind of thing they are talking about.

Another obsession Sean and Wayne have is whether they broken their gear in well enough, how many toilet breaks will they need, and how will it effect their finishing times, what if they get sick on the day? Over and over it goes!

Both Wayne and Sean want to get to Nice in France now and go around the course to see what is a head of them. They will do a swim on the course and then it’s bed a nine o’clock Saturday night before rising at 4.30am for breakfast, registration at 5:30am and the swim starting at 6.30am.

wayne_triathlon_may10_1They have been training for the past year, more or less, through the snow, dark nights, wind, rain and now bright nights and warm days. They both have full time jobs and families.They have shown that where there is a will there is a way. They have bad days and good days and every time they increased their training they got a glimpse of what they were letting themselves in for. At times it was daunting but they went out training the next day nonetheless. Now it is upon them and through their training they have completed about 10 Ironmen and yet only completing the event on Sunday will validate that!

The fund raising was a huge undertaking and no one wanted to take it on for them so they ended up organising the events themselves which is a credit to them. People have been very generous and the fund raising helped them have a meaning to do the huge task they are undertaking.

Don’t forget that you can come along and meet Sean and Wayne at the homecoming fundraising gig which will take place after the Iron Man so is a great chance to congratulate the guys. That should be a perfect end to this mammoth task as they will have completed their goal, raised a few pound for worthy causes and will finally be able to have a few well earned pints!!

Fundraising Gig in Harbour Knights on Friday 2nd July

A homecoming fundraiser will be held in Harbour Knights on Friday 2nd July to raise money for Special care Unit and Meals on Wheels in Balbriggan. Oaziz will headline the event..

UPDATE (w/c 14th June):

Sean and Wayne were supposed to do only 8 hours training last week but did 16. This week their training is down to 8 hours.Keep your eye out for the guys as they will be swimming in the sea off Balbriggan for half an hour every second day this week. This will help prepare them for the actual day when the swim is in the Mediterranean. They are both getting nervous as the day gets close.Sean and Wayne are getting anxious now as they head into the final weeks of training. They are going over every aspect of each event and can’t wait to get over to France to meet the other competitors and get around the course to get a real feel for it.

Come along and meet Sean and Wayne at the next fundraising gig. This will take place after the Iron Man so is a great chance to give the guys a pat on the back and ask them any questions that you might have – see below

Fundraising Gig in Harbour Knights on Friday 2nd July

The night was so successful the lads have been approached to do another fundraising gig which will be held in Harbour Knights on Friday 2nd of July. Oaziz will headline the event.. This will be the Friday after the IRONMAN and is great, it’s in their home town.

UPDATE (w/c 7th June):

Sean and Wayne with Damien Duff in McPhails on Saturday 5th June

Sean and Wayne with Damien Duff in McPhails on Saturday 5th June

Training this week is winding down. The last big training session was Saturday 5th June which was a 20 mile run. From this week they will be doing shorter distances in all three disciplines. This is to help rest their bodies somewhat for the Ironman. Though bearing in mind its 8 to 10 hours training as opposed the the normal 20 hours.

The benefit night in McPhails was a huge success , we believe over the course of the the night there was about 650 people. The bands each had their own style to contribute and all went down very brilliantly. On hearing that the proceeds would be for special care babies, no one had a problem with contributing. The lads were on a high after the gig due to the support and it gave them a great boost as they are now both very tired. It made them feel all the training is worthwhile.

TRAINING UPDATE (w/c 30th May):

Ironman training this week 12hrs. Sean and Wayne have now to do shorter sharper training. They have completed an 80 mile cycle today and a ten mile run (Sunday, 30th May). There will be a combination of cycling, running and swimming this week. culminating in a 3mile river/sea swim on Saturday. Rest day on Sunday next due to Benefit night Saturday night in McPhails. Sean had a few problems this week. He hurt his knee on Monday and as he’s a physio he reluctantly took the advice he would give his patients which was to ease up. So he swam Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and tested his knee on Friday with a five mile run. His advice to himself worked as he was able to par take in grueling training session today.Wayne is coming into his stride now but both are finding the training tiring as it gets closer to the day.

TRAINING UPDATE (w/c 25th May):

The training is really hotting up now for our Iron Men. Sean did a 3 mile swim in the River Boyne on Saturday 22nd May and Wayne did a fifty mile cycle.

Sean and Wayne will do a number of swims in the sea for the next couple of weeks as conditioning for the big day. Sean did a 100 mile cycle on Sunday 23rd May from Gormanston to just outside Charlestown in Co. Mayo. We hear that his legs where fine after it.

Sean and Wayne are currently training twice a day which usually includes a ten mile run.

This weekend they will be doing a 112 mile cycle and an 18 mile run when they get off the bicycle.

UPDATE – 9th May 2010

Saturday’s fundraising event in Scotch hall went well. Six and a half hour training Session for Sean. Wayne did a Triathlon yesterday. Good Blow out. 1hr. 18mins. He was only warming up, when it was finished. He was delighted with the swim which was in the Irish sea.

They have three more weeks of hard training up to end of may.which will involve 8hr and 10hr training sessions at a time. It’s true to say the Ironman is not actually completed on the day. It’s the amount of training that’s been done leading up to the event that gets you across the finish line. I will give you the amount raised when the final tally is done.