Latest Update from Irish Water – Boil Water Notice Remains in Place

November 8, 2019 0

Latest Update from Irish Water – Boil Water Notice Remains in Place.  Following consultation with the HSE, Irish Water and Fingal County Council can confirm that the Boil Water Notice for customers supplied by Leixlip Water Treatment Plant will remain in place as testing of the water continues.

The EPA, supported by Irish Water and Fingal County Council, conducted an audit of the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant today. The HSE were also present The test results of three water samples taken throughout the week were found to be satisfactory and these results formed part of the audit process. 

The HSE has determined that three satisfactory consecutive samples are required after Wednesday evening, when the old plant came back into full compliance, before the Boil Water Notice can be lifted. Work will continue over the weekend to complete the testing. The final test will be processed and analysed and results should be available on Tuesday.

Following the site meeting, the HSE, EPA, Fingal County Council and Irish Water discussed the audit and the water sampling results. HSE are satisfied with the information and risk assessment provided by Irish Water to support the ultimate lifting of the Boil water notice. The HSE, EPA, Fingal County Council will continue to liaise on the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant.

Niall Gleeson Managing Director of Irish Water said,

“Irish Water acknowledge and understand the impact of this boil water notice on the 600,000 people affected and we sincerely regret the inconvenience.” “We endeavoured to keep the public up to date at every stage and we are grateful to the media, elected representatives and members of the public who shared the information on social media and who supported family, friends and neighbours.”

“We are grateful to our partners in Fingal County Council who worked with us to provide all of the necessary information to the HSE and EPA to facilitate the lifting of this boil water notice. Since early this morning Fingal County Council flushed the network in key areas to remove the remaining at risk water from the network.”

“We expect the EPA will publish their audit and in consultation with them Irish Water will agree an action plan based on the recommendations.”

“We are aware that the old plant at Leixlip is vulnerable and Irish Water working with Fingal County Council have worked to maximise the processes at the plant and increase the monitoring and staffing. Irish Water, working with Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council will work to move additional water through the system towards areas supplied by the Leixlip plant to take the pressure off the old plant. The ultimate solution is to replace the filters at the old plant and this process is being accelerated as quickly and safely as possible while still maintaining supply to the greater Dublin area.”

Should customers have any queries regarding this Boil Water Notice and the lifting of it they should contact Irish Water directly on our customer care helpline.

Boil water notice issued for second time!

04-Nov-19: In consultation with the HSE, Irish Water and Fingal County Council have confirmed that, as a precaution, a Boil Water Notice to protect the health of customers supplied by Leixlip Water Treatment Plant has been put in place for a second time.  Due to heavy rain, turbidity (cloudy water due to suspended particles levels) in the source water for the old Leixlip Plant exceeded acceptable levels. Plant operators reacted quickly before alarms were activated and shut down the old plant to stop this water entering the network.

boiling kettleThere were no issues at the new plant, where the level of turbidity was managed by the newer technology on site. It was essential to re-start production at the old plant, which produces 20% of drinking water for Dublin, otherwise significant restrictions and outages would be inevitable. As Irish Water cannot guarantee the quality the water from the old plant, a Boil Water Notice is now in place.

Speaking about the Boil Water Notice, Eamon Gallen, Irish Water’s General Manager said “Irish Water acknowledges and apologises for the impact and inconvenience caused by this Boil Water Notice to homes and businesses. We are very disappointed that a Boil Water Notice has to be imposed again but as we outlined the last time, our number one priority is the public health and the safety and well-being of our customers.

“The choice we were faced with was customers having a severely restricted water supply for a long period of time or having water for sanitation purposes such as showering and flushing of toilets. We were left with no option but to resume production at the old plant in the knowledge that a Boil Water Notice would then be necessary. We will work with Fingal County Council to get the Boil Water Notice lifted as soon as possible, subject to consultation with the EPA and HSE.”

As with the last Boil Water Notice, approximately 600,000 people are impacted. The areas impacted are the same as previously; parts of Fingal, areas in Dublin City Council, parts of South Dublin County Council, parts of Kildare and Dunboyne in Meath.

Irish Water is in the process of contacting registered vulnerable customers who are affected by this Boil Water Notice to advise them.

We would be grateful if the public, media and elected representatives would share the news of the Boil Water Notice as it is essential that we reach as many people as possible.

You can also call the customer care helpline, open 24/7, on 1850 278 278.

For more information, visit the Irish Water Boil Water Notice page.