Bremore Educate Together Secondary School News & Open Evening

September 11, 2017 0

Established in 2016, Bremore Educate Together Secondary School is developing a 21st Century learning environment for its students. The new building, which is to accommodate 1000 students, is in its final stage and due for completion this year. The building will boast the most up to date technology, which will assist students who utilise iPads for every class. In addition, students will have access to dedicated modern specialist rooms for practical subjects such as Technology, Engineering, Design Communication Graphics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Home Economics, Music, Art and Woodwork.

bremore_etssBremore Educate Together Secondary School will offer a broad and comprehensive curriculum. We are embracing and implementing the reformed Junior Cycle Curriculum as this reflects the vision of Educate Together as outlined in its document “Taking the Next Step: A Blueprint for Educate Together Second-level Schools”. The School will also embrace “The Ethical Curriculum Framework” developed by Educate Together.

Sample Subject List

  • English – Irish – Maths
  • Science -French -Italian or Spanish (TBC for 2018)
  • History – Business Studies -Woodwork
  • Geography – Home Economics – Music
  • Artisitc Performance – Coding -Technical Graphics
  • Art -Technology – Ethical Education
  • SPHE -CSPE – Philosophy

Bremore Educate Together Secondary School is responsive to the changing needs and requirements of this ever-changing world.  The school places an emphasis on equipping our students with the skills necessary for full and active participation in society.  This is achieved by using the most up to date teaching methods and collaboration with universities such as Trinity College and the Bridge21 Team.  Teachers are encouraged to use active teaching methodologies to bring their subjects to life, making them relevant to the modern student.

The welfare and wellbeing of the students in Bremore Educate Together Secondary School is paramount.  The school is a student centred and inclusive environment.   All classes are mixed ability and there are a range of options for students to choose from.  Students are invited to sample all option subjects in first year before making their choices, therefore allowing them to make informed decisions.  Extra curricular activities are an integral part of school life, Basketball, Gaelic, Soccer, Dance, Cooking Club, Art Club, Games Club, Debating, Study Club, Science Fest, Technology Club, Music Club are just some of the extra-curricular activities available to students.  Our state of the art facilities; a fitness suite, gym, football pitch, basketball and tennis courts and library all support our extra and co-curricular activities.

Bremore Educate Together Secondary School values and celebrates the individuality of all our students; our school has a dress code, but no uniform. We promote personal responsibility and preparation for the world of work. The school curriculum offers Ethical Education and Philosophy, which encourage independent and higher order thinking, while promoting inquisitiveness and questioning.  Democracy is a fundamental principle of our school. Two members of the Student Council are Associate Members of the School Board of Management.  The whole school community are regularly involved in the planning, development and review of school policies and procedures.  Student Voice is encouraged and valued.

The staff and management of Bremore Educate Together Secondary School have set a goal to ensure that all of our students will get the best opportunities to learn, with lessons that are well organised, engaging, demanding but with an element of fun. Hour-long classes in all subjects allow teachers and students to engage in an in-depth way with their subjectss. We encourage each and every student to be the best that they can be and to develop a love of learning.  It is the school’s aim that all graduates will leave with skills, knowledge and qualifications that will be useful and productive through life.

Open Evening

The students, staff and parents of Bremore Educate Together Secondary School are now inviting parents of 5th and 6th class and the local community to join them at the schools Open Night in their temporary building on the Naul Road on Tuesday, September 19 from 6-8pm.  It will be an opportunity to meet the staff, answer any questions you may have and view our students work.  

School Enrollment

We are now enrolling students currently in 6th class for September 2018, applications can be found on our website  Enrolment for 5th class students for September 2019 will begin in May 2018.

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