BT Young Scientist 2021 Award for Ardgillan College

January 26, 2021 0

Congratulations to Ali Khan and Bazil Khan from fourth-year who were awarded 3rd place in the Biological and Ecological Intermediate Category at the BT Young Scientist Virtual Exhibition in January 2021. Their project was entitled ‘Does nano silver have an effect on Pea Plants?’

Ali and Bazil wanted to uncover the answer to this question due to the fact that nano silver has toxic properties. They came up with their idea after reading a research paper about the devastating effects that nano silver has on aquatic life. They researched more and found that it was also being utilised in facemasks. The students worried that if face masks were not disposed of properly, this could have a detrimental impact on the environment.

For their experiment, they planted 9pots, 3 of which were the control, 3 contained 5ml of nano silver and 3 contained 10ml of nano silver. The pea plants grew for 24 days. The results of this experiment were very interesting. The plants that were treated with 5ml of nano silver had a splitting stem, this phenomenon happened in 2 out of 9 of the 5ml plants. In one of the 10ml pots, the plant had significantly shorter roots than the others.

The BT Young Scientist Exhibition was completely online-based this year but the organisers created an online portal so that contestants could access and view one another’s projects. BTYS did an amazing job to ensure that the 2021 competition went ahead and was judged in the usual manner.

Ali and Bazil now hope to further investigate their project and investigate why the plants had splitting stems and short roots. They would also like to plant more samples to see if their results can be replicated on a wider scale and discover if there are any other side effects associated with the use of nano silver.

Congratulations to Ali, Bazil and their teacher Ms. Sheahan on this wonderful achievement.

BT Young Scientist 2021 Award for Ardgillan College