Calling all clubs and classes in the Balbriggan area

May 20, 2021 0

Do you have a club or classes in the Balbriggan area?  Do you want to get the word out and let people know you exist? invites you to list your club or class on our dedicated clubs and classes page for unparalleled coverage in Balbriggan and surrounds. Advertising costs only €50 for a full 12 months! You get a full webpage that you can edit as often as you like giving you full control to update your information from the comfort of your own computer….

As the country starts to reopen what better time to get the word out about your club or classes…

Don’t limit your audience to closed facebook groups where the information is hard to find… get visibly for your club or classes 365 days a year!

For detailed instructions on how to get listed on Balbriggan’s only dedicated clubs and classes page today click here

Let’s work together to showcase the best that Balbriggan has to offer…. click here to see our dedicated clubs and classes page