Castlelands Masterplan – Have your say!

May 16, 2019 0

REMINDER: The Castlelands Masterplan public consultation is only open for 12 more days so if you haven’t haven’t had a chance to review the plan please take some time as this is important for the future of our town. The plan aims to increase the population of the town by approximately 17% in a very condensed location. This level of density will be detrimental to the town so make sure to have YOUR SAY!

06-May-19: The Castlelands Masterplan public consultation opens today Tuesday 7th May and will run for the next three weeks to Tuesday, 28th May.  Fingal County Council’s plan for this 24.2 hectare is to build 1,000 properties along with a new school and a swimming pool – is the swimming pool the sweetener to get this masterplan through? this is a question you need to ask yourself. 

The public consultation is now open –  click here

The plan aims to build 6 storey high buildings (see images below showing what some of the existing building in Balbriggan would look like if they were this high) and it increase the population of Balbriggan by a whopping 17% without an increase in vital services or infrastructure. 

  • For details on how to make a submission click here
  • For items to consider when making a submission click here

Don’t allow mistakes of the past be repeated in Balbriggan, have your say (don’t wait for someone else to!)

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