Castlelands Plan needs to be pulled into Our Balbriggan strategy

October 25, 2019 0

Following a meeting between Council officials and local Councillors yesterday on the draft Castlelands Masterplan, Green Party Councillor Joe O’Brien issued the following statement. “Its is clear following the huge response from the community regarding the draft Castlelands Masterplan that the Council have taken on board some of what the community is saying. The maximum height of the apartment blocks has been revised down from 6 to 4.5 storeys, there is a clear commitment to putting in infrastructure first and the development itself, in isolation, looks of very high quality. However fundamental issues remain. The scale (850 units) is still too big in my view and the pace at which this scale of development might happen cannot be guaranteed.

Joe OBrien

Cllr Joe O’Brien

I think considering the huge public response of almost 1000 submissions and the fact that we have the Our Balbriggan strategy in process, the next step is for the Council to go back to the public and address the outstanding concerns within the processes of the Our Balbriggan strategy in an open, honest and constructive manner.

I asked over 12 months ago now for the Castlelands Plan to be integrated into the Our Balbriggan strategy but it has not happened. This twin tracked approach has been very unwise in my view not just in terms of Castlelands but in terms of overall public buy-in for the Our Balbriggan strategy.

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