Balbriggan Bank Machine Scam!

0 December 12, 2012

Recently in Balbriggan a scam was carried out at an ATM machine. The scam involves the cash dispensing slot as opposed to the card slot and the card skimming scam that we may all be aware of. It is suspected that something is placed in the machine to stop the cash coming out and the customer thinks the machine is broken/empty and walks away. (more…)


Get Tough on Dog Fouling

0 December 5, 2012

Once again the issue of dog fouling has reared it’s ugly head and needs to be stamped out. We have had an email from a resident who lives in a terraced house and has to keep a basin at the door and wash the wheels of her buggy before she can take it into the house. (more…)


Get the Vaccine – Not the Flu!

0 October 15, 2012

HSE Launches Annual Seasonal Flu Vaccination Campaign – Over 65s, at risk groups and pregnant women urged to get flu vaccination. The HSE on Monday 8th October, urged people in at-risk groups to get vaccinated against influenza, as the flu season is now here. (more…)


Attention Dog Owners!

0 September 25, 2012

Because Parvo Virus has been detected in Balbriggan, particularly in the Brega area, it is advised that dog owners vaccinate their dogs if they have not done so in the past twelve months. The symptoms of parvo are vomiting and diarrhoea and can be fatal. (more…)


Break-In at Balbriggan Youth Service!

0 July 17, 2012

On Thursday July 5th Balbriggan Youth Service Foróige on Mill Street was broken into and ransacked. It was particularly sickening to receive this news in the arrivals hall of Dublin airport as Youth Service leaders came home from Zambia after a wonderful two weeks of cultural exchange with a youth group. (more…)


Help Stamp Out Graffiti!

0 March 1, 2012

Balbriggan Community Policing Forum will promote different aspects of safety and crime over the next few weeks. This week they would like to raise awareness of the issue of Graffiti. (more…)


Fire in House Down Near Balbriggan Harbour

0 February 19, 2012

A fire broke out yesterday in the house down beside Balbriggan Harbour. No one was in the house (which is used as a store) when the fire broke out. Members of the Fire Brigade where on hand to quickly extinguish the fire and an investigation is underway to determine the cause. (more…)