Gormanston ICA in the 1970’s

0 November 16, 2012

We have shared some old photos of the men in recent weeks but now we have one for the Ladies. This photo is from the David Brangan collection and was taken in the 1970’s. Can you identify the ladies in this photo? (more…)


Steam Train 461 Passes Through Balbriggan

0 August 13, 2012

Steam Train 461 passed through Balbriggan yesterday. Two of these engines were built, No.15 (later 461) and 16 (later 462). 461 is the only DSER locomotive surviving, and the only main line inside cylinder 2-6-0 in these islands having been built in the 1920’s. (more…)


Professor Dan Masterson visits Balbriggan

0 May 20, 2012

Professor of History Dan Masterson who is in the process of researching material for a publication dealing with the Black and Tans in Ireland met up with Balbriggan locals on Sunday. Dan had a good deal of information on the infamous Sack of Balbriggan which occurred on Monday the 20th September 1920. (more…)