Celebrating their Ruby Anniversary by Giving Back – Tom & Breege O’Neill

August 30, 2020 0

Tom and Breege O’Neill are a unique couple who this year celebrate their 40th Ruby wedding anniversary. In lieu of presents they have decided they want to give back to 3 charities that mean a lot to them. Tom and Breege O’Neill are better known for their work with the Balbriggan Branch of the Irish Guide Gogs where they have raised a lot money over the years

  1. Balbriggan Cancer Support Group – As many of you know Breege has been battling cancer since March 2016 and the support she has got from the team there has been invaluable.  Meeting ‘the Monday girls’ through Balbriggan cancer care has helped the difficult journey by bringing in a lovely social side. Cancer has touched many of our lives if not directly indirectly through family and friends. To have a local group of cancer battlers to make you feel welcome and loved when you need it most is vital and this is what Balbriggan Cancer Care have done for Breege. 
    For more information: https://www.balbriggancancersupport.ie/
  2. St. Francis Hospice, Raheny have been a fantastic support in the background to Tom and Breege but especially to Tom in his caring role with Breege and their compassion, understanding and overwhelming support is insurmountable. The hospice team have been available by phone and calling to the house to answer all and any questions to help with changes of medication to assist with getting supports in the community. This has meant for Tom he always has a dedicated person/team behind him guiding his way and backing him up.
    For more information: https://www.sfh.ie/
  3. Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind – Tom and Breege couldn’t do a fundraiser without including Guide Dogs in the mix. Tom got his first guide dog Frank in April 1985 and Breege Gypsy in 1991 and between them have worked with 10 guide dogs during this time. Tom and Breege founded the Balbriggan Branch of guide dogs in 1987 and the branch in its new form of Balbriggan/North County Dublin Branch has raised in excess of €4m for Guide dogs.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/Balbriggan.Branch.of.Guide.Dogs/

Finally to tell you about Tom and Breege themselves they met in Sligo while training to be telephonists, fell in love, married on September 6th 1980 and have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. They are a wonderful couple who are still very much in love after 40 plus years together. This fundraiser is a mark of the generous nature they both have to give back to others to say thank you for the support of their worldwide circle of friends and family. So they are asking in lieu of giving them a gift to mark their wonderful life together instead to donate to this fundraiser and the funds will be divided equally among the 3 charities.