Celtic Tweeds, Balbriggan, welcomes visit from North America Celtic Tweeds Association (NACTA)

October 24, 2019 0

Celtic Tweeds were delighted to welcome a group of American Store owners to its base in Balbriggan. The group were welcomed by owners Cathy Coghlan and her team, and by Chairman of the Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce, Richard Berney.  Balbriggan has a rich heritage of clothing and manufacturing which inspired us to start Celtic Tweeds in 2013. Its mills and factories produced yarns for the shirt, linen and hosiery industries. Celtic Tweeds are bringing that production back to Balbriggan in their own unique and modest way.

The US group are on a whistle stop of tour of Ireland a great deal of them already stock Celtic Tweed and we are hoping more of them will consider it following todays visit.

Having invested heavily in people with the production skills needed and equipment, with the crafts of design and cutting, the company now make a contemporary and classic Tweed clothing collection, called “Celtic Gent”. Owner Cathy said “Like a rare whiskey or distinctive tartan, we wanted something that was unique to us, something that no other fashion house could claim, so our tweeds have been designed and woven to our specifications with colours inspired by the landscape here”.

Add to that the possibility of bespoke pieces with personalisation, and you have something very special indeed. Providing our style conscious customers with made to measure fits and finishes which gives our customer the individual pieces they deserve. Our range of Celtic Gent tweed jackets and waistcoats are timeless and stylish.

Our manufacturing base is small, but it allows us to be responsive to our stockist’s individual requests. With over 60 years combined experience in tailoring and design, along with our team, we put quality first. Life is short we strive to make pieces of clothing that are as unique as its wearer. Celtic Tweed garments are stocked in a select group of stores in Ireland and internationally.