Ceremony to unveil a Memorial Dedicated to the Ship wreck “Belle Hill” & All Souls Lost at Sea Off Our Local Coast

May 24, 2013 0

As part of this years Balbriggan Summerfest celebrations, the Balbriggan Maritime Museum Committee & Balbriggan Chamber of commerce are holding a ceremony to unveil a memorial dedicated to the Ship wreck “Belle Hill” and All Souls lost at sea off our local coast.

The ceremony will start at 1:00pm Sunday June 2nd, at the Boat house beside the harbor, where there will be a static historical display, highlighting local maritime history. There will be a historical walk guided by Mr David Sorencen from Balbriggan Historical society from the boat house to the sailors grave, pointing out historical points along the way.

At the sailors grave the memorial will be unveiled, followed by a short multi denominational ceremony, to remember all those lost at sea.

Chairman of the Maritime Museum Trevor Sargent said “This ceremony will have a deep connection with the local Maritime community, and will also be a great opportunity for the wider community to come along and learn about how much history is attached to our beautiful local coast line”

The gathering will then return to Balbriggan, along the beach to enjoy the rest of Sunday’s Summerfest activities.

If you would like to view the memorial before the ceremony it will be on display in the Balbriggan Tourism office, Quay street Balbriggan, where the Maritime Museum committee have a rotating display.

Balbriggan Maritime Museum Committee are working to establish a permanent Maritime Museum, So that all the wonderful artifacts, photographs and items from fish tails to fisherman’s tales, that have been collected over generations, can be put on permanent public display in Balbriggan and our wonderful Maritime History can be shared with present and future generations.