A clean-up for Balbriggan Beach in collaboration with Tidy Towns Balbriggan

March 6, 2020 0

Club Óige Feachtas Baile Brigín in conjunction with Balbriggan Tidy Towns are doing a clean-up at Balbriggan Beach on Saturday 14th March and they are asking for the community to come out and help them on the day!  Balbriggan Tidy Towns organise weekly cleanups and are always looking for volunteers so come out and help for the good our our town…  So many people get to enjoy our lovely beach in the summer months so any help is much appreciated.

For further information on the clean up on 14th March please contact Club Óige Feachtas Baile Brigín  on 087 904 6136 or email cluboigefeachtasbailebrigin@gmail.com