Clear message from Public Meeting on Modular Homes – Balbriggan says ‘NO’

January 29, 2016 0

A public meeting took place on Thursday 28th January in the Milestone Inn, Balbriggan to discuss the proposed construction of 40  Modular Houses adjacent to Pinewood Green Court, Balbriggan. Co. Dublin. Over 100 people turned up and the clear message from the meeting was that residents are opposed to the construction of these houses on a number of grounds.

The meeting was ran by members of the Pinewood residents association – Joe McArdle, Sheena O’Reilly and Deirdre Hand, chaired by Monica Harford with support from Balbriggan Community Council.   Fingal Councillors in attendance: Cllr Tony Murphy (Ind), Cllr Malachy Quinn (SF), Cllr Grainne Maguire (Ind), Cllr Barry Martin (PbP), Cllr JP Browne (FG),  Cllr Brian Dennehy (FF),

Modular homes are temporary homes that will be given to  people who are  currently being housed in hotels.  Balbriggan residents stressed that they have no issues against homeless people however modular houses are not the answer to the housing crisis.

Issues with the Proposed Modular homes brought up at the meeting:

  • The sheer number of houses proposed for Balbriggan is disproportionate to that being rolled out across Fingal.  Fingal’s director of housing Margaret Geraghty told Councillors that although the council hadn’t been given the final figures, she believed the Fingal target would be between 80 and 100 units.
    • 40 of these modular homes have been proposed for Balbriggan (50% of the Fingal quota!)
  • Local amenities are already at breaking point with regards to doctors and schools;
    • children in Pinewood are already being forced to go to schools outside the area (as far as Lusk) and waiting times to see doctors can be as long as 3 weeks!.
    • doctors in local area are not in a position to take on any more medical card holders as they are already full.
  • Modular homes are not sustainable like brick built homes
    • there lifespan is much shorter requiring additional funding to maintain and to replace when they have reached end-of-life.
  • Modular homes are designed as a temporary solution where people will be housed until a long term solution is found – this will result in high turnover of people passing through these homes.
    • When current council houses change owners the council replaces everything in the house including all appliances – will this be the case if people only stay in modular homes for 6 months?
  • Modular homes are costing €190,000 each to build
    • 22 units in Ballymun cost an estimated €4.2m to build – this is considerably more expensive than building standard brick built homes
  • In 1996 when Pinewood was handed over to the people Fingal County Council signed an Estate Management Agreement which clearly states that no further development would take place in Pinewood without first discussing with the people of Pinewood
    • No discussion has taken place between the council and the people of Pinewood with  regards to the modular homes.
  • The pinewood area is already bursting at the seams and the 16 x 2 bed homes (4 people per home) and 24 x 3 bed homes (5 people per home) will bring an increase of 184 people living in the area (figures taken from site plan, plans, elevation & sections)
  • Pinewood residents have already had to have the cul-de-sac joining the current estates blocked off due to antisocial behaviour, the roads were being used by joy riders reopening the road will only encourage this once again.
  • Modular houses do not promote sustainable communities
  • Question to consider: Are modular homes the new standard for social housing and is this the pilot?
    • see image below showing land owned by Fingal County council and could facilitate the rolling out of hundreds more modular homes!

Residents of Balbriggan are encouraged to make submissions against the proposed development.  Closing date for submissions is Wednesday 2nd March, 2016.  For details on how to make a submission and templates for same area click here

Submissions need to be based on planning considerations, not on personal likes, dislikes or grievances

petitionWe have asked  the residents association to make the  minutes of the public meeting available so that we can share with the wider community.  Please check back later for updates… 

You can contact the Pinewood residents association at

View the site notice here.  View the  site location map here.  View the site plan, plans, elevation & sections here.

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