Cllr. Power votes to have deferral of Castlelands Master Plan

January 24, 2020 0

On Wednesday,  the Operational Area Committee Meeting considered a motion to defer any ratification of the Castlelands Master Plan (CMP) until the County Plan is reviewed against the RSES and, subsequently, the CMP is also properly reviewed in that context. At a vote of eight for the motion (including Cllr Karen Power), three against and four Members choosing to abstain, the motion was carried and will now be put before the full Council before going to a full vote.

Speaking at the Area Meeting Karen stated;

We want to ensure we have a Master Plan that is as closely aligned to the Fingal Development Plan as possible. To do this we need to defer ratification of the plan for Castlelands until this review has concluded. It would be short-sighted to sign off on a master plan when we do not have line of sight of the over-all plans for Balbriggan and the wider Fingal area, Castlelands is a huge project, requiring huge investment and needs to be carried to the highest standard.
The great work that has been done on the rejuvenation plan for Balbriggan is being directly contravened with the Castlelands Master Plan as it currently stands. The continuation of this type of proposed large-scale housing development on the edge of town goes directly against the logic of the rejuvenation plan which was created to start compensating our town with those things that should have been done when previous developments were built without sustainable infrastructure.
We acknowledge that we are dealing with a very serious housing crisis and I believe that the community will readily accept the appropriate number of houses on the CMP site when the infrastructure and services deficits in Balbriggan have been addressed. The current housing shortage is not a valid excuse for bad planning.

Cllr Power was supported in her recommendation to defer the ratification, by her Green Party colleague, Deputy Joe O’Brien. Deputy O’Brien previously held the seat before the win in the Fingal by-election. Before finishing as a Councillor he had a motion in to defer finalising the masterplan until a public consultation had been done to bring it into line with the rejuvenation plan.

Speaking about the Local Area Committees decision to recommend the Fingal County Council vote to defer the ratification of the CMP until review of the Fingal County Plan against the RSES concludes O’Brien said;

All the people of Balbriggan are looking for is adherence to best practice planning for the whole town not just an isolated development. We are still recovering from poor planning in the past and on the campaign trail I am also still hearing from communities in Rush, Lusk, Donbate and Swords who are still suffering the ill effects of bad planning.