Communities4Environment Anti-Litter & Anti-Graffiti Grant Available to Community Groups

July 31, 2019 0

Fingal County Council Environmental Department has launched a competition where communities/ residents groups can apply for €2,000 funding. Applications are invited for the grant scheme which is targeting areas that have issues with litter and graffiti. These areas can be transformed into beautiful spaces for all the community.

You can download the application form here   Communities4environment Anti Litter & Graffiti Funding Application Form 2019  or PDF  Communities4environment Anti Litter Graffiti Funding Application Form 2019 and email it to Any community/ residents/ tenant/ estate group can apply but must be registered with the Fingal Public Participation Network ( PPN) Typically suitable projects are listed on the application form and will target sources of litter, dog mess and graffiti.

gardenFingal County Council Environmental Awareness Officer Sinéad Fox said “I am looking forward to an enthusiastic response from the public and I would particularly encourage new groups to apply. There are many suitable innovative projects you can try such as a mural to combat graffiti, having reusable cups at community events or creating a community garden in an area prone to litter”

This project is funded by the Fingal County Council and Department of Communications, Climate Action and the Environment. For further information or any queries email

Typically Suitable Projects

  1. Adopt a Patch, adopt a bring bank, community clean-ups or similar initiatives, (e.g. planting of a hedge to prevent graffiti, adopt a section of road, designated bring banks or housing estates kept litter free by local community groups, local authorities provide litter pickers, bags and gloves and the removal of waste/rubbish is the responsibility of the local authority). Thereafter the community can transform or beautify the area.
  2. Dog-fouling is an issue in most communities. You could provide dog collar dispensers to dog owners. Fingal Co. Council will provide a number of free doggie bag dispensers for all communities to give out freely. This would include signing up to the ‘Green Dog Walker scheme’ whereby dog owners commit to cleaning up the mess. Projects highlighting awareness of issues regarding responsible dog ownership with respect to dog fouling (clean-up) and the dangers not cleaning up can pose to the public including young children and wheelchair users.
  3. Create a community garden space/ biodiversity area in an area prone to littering and graffiti where members of the community can have an input. This area should contain pollen rich flowers and areas managed for biodiversity with reduced mowing and no spraying with herbicides/ weed killers.
  4. Elimination of single-use plastics – at Community events, family days and Centres, coffee shops, coffee docks etc. Introduce a stock of reusable cups / beakers that are available for community events.
  5. Run a Cigarette Butt disposal campaign to eliminate butts from the drains and encourage responsible disposal. ‘The Sea Starts Here’ stencilled on gullies might be an option.
  6. Run a conscious cup campaign – for hot beverages in the community and the community centre – thereby reducing the littering of single use coffee cups
  7. If graffiti/ tagging is a common behaviour in the community – consider a mural with a waste prevention/ environment focus to include participation with local teenagers/ young adults.
  8. Setting up of a water refill point for water bottles (include signage) where people can fill up their water bottles – thereby reducing the littering of single use plastic bottles. Promote use of the refill point locally.
  9. Introduce a community swop scheme for sports gear, bicycles etc.
  10. Create a Community slogan with a green theme which can be used in communications.