Container Transformation, Balbriggan Harbour – Phase 1 COMPLETE!

September 30, 2013 0

Today phase one of the project to transform the containers on Balbriggan Harbour kicked into gear. Artist Darren Finnegan arrived at the harbour early this morning and got to work marking out the containers so that the Youths from Balbriggan Youth Services (Foroige) could get started.

When the youths arrived they wasted no time at all and within a couple of hours the containers were starting to transform . Lots of people popped down to the harbour throughout the day and everyone seemed to love the idea and how it looked.

After all the youths left it was all up to Darren to put the finishing touches to the project and what a result! We can see the containers being used as a backdrop for lots of photos in the coming months .

A great achievement from all the team and a true display of community teamwork. Well done to all involved.

Phase 2 of the project will involve painting the rest of the containers.

If YOU would like to get involved in phase 2 of the project or if you would like to make a donation towards funding the project please contact