Council undertakes works at Drumanagh in Loughshinny

March 7, 2017 0

Fingal County Council will commence necessary works at the National Monument Site at Drumanagh, Loughshinny on Thursday 9th March after receiving Ministerial consent from the Minister for Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. The aim of the works is to secure the site and to prevent unauthorized access by vehicles while continuing to allow pedestrian access to the headland.

Fingal County Council acquired the 18 hectare site at Drumanagh last year. The site, which is a National Monument, contains a promontory fort and is one of the most impressive monuments of its type in Ireland.

As part of the works, the remnants of a modern cattle shed will be removed and some perimeter fencing will be erected. Two pedestrian access points will be provided, one to the north near Loughshinny and one to the south of the site, together with a secured entrance for vehicles. Works will be carried out under archaeological supervision and will be completed by March 16. During this time there will continue to be full access to the site for walkers.

In the recent past the site has been damaged by motorbike scrambling activity on several occasions. These works will prevent unauthorised vehicles, including motorcyles, from accessing the site.

“Given its importance, the Council’s first duty is to safeguard the site, to prevent damaging activities and to provide for safe and suitable public access to this remarkable landscape,” said Gerry Clabby, Fingal County Council’s Heritage Officer.