A Curious History – Hampton Street, Balbriggan

October 8, 2016 0

Today while out shopping we were asked a question about a plaque on a house on Hampton Street in Balbriggan.  The house which is located close to the centre of Balbriggan has a plaque which has ‘Balrothery R.D.C. 1915’  inscribed on it.  The inscription has aroused curiosity among some residents who were wondering what it meant.  as to   We have checked it out and R.D.C. stands for Rural District Council.

Rural districts were a type of local government area – now superseded – established at the end of the 19th century in England, Wales, and Ireland for the administration of predominantly rural areas at a level lower than that of the administrative counties.

Rural districts had elected rural district councils (RDCs), which inherited the functions of the earlier sanitary districts, but also had wider authority over matters such as local planning, council housing, and playgrounds and cemeteries. Matters such as education and roads were the responsibility of county councils.

In Ireland, rural districts were created in 1898 by the Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898. They were subdivided into district electoral divisions. Following the partition of Ireland, rural districts in the Irish Free State were abolished in 1925, by the Local Government Act 1925,

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