Derelict houses in Rush causing anti-social chaos

March 8, 2018 0

Brendan Ryan, Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal has written to Fingal County Council in relation to 5 derelict houses in Palmer road, Rush. The houses have become a focal point for anti-social behaviour and is causing great worry and concern for local people. Ryan “I received the following reply from Fingal County Council;

“Fingal County Council are aware of the properties on Palmer Road, Rush. The properties are not in the ownership or under the control of Fingal County Council. Three of these properties are currently vested in the Minister of Finance through the OPW. Fingal County Council is currently preparing a formal application to acquire the properties via a Deed of Waiver from the Minister for Finance.

The two other properties, one vacant and one with foundations in place only, are in private ownership. Fingal County Council are investigating the ownership of these properties at present with a view to bringing the properties back into use.”

Ryan “I am pushing Fingal County Council to progress this matter as quickly as possible. With a housing and homelessness crisis it is devastating to any vacant house in the state. But when that structure is being abused for anti social purposes it is compounding that situation”