Digging at Drumanagh Loughshinny: Season 2 Announced

April 25, 2019 0

Building on the success of last summer’s community dig at Drumanagh promontory fort, Fingal’s Community Archaeologist Christine Baker is undertaking another excavation at Drumanagh promontory fort with a team of professional archaeologists and volunteers from the local community and beyond.

Christine Baker

Christine Baker

Drumanagh is a nationally important archaeological site and is of international significance in terms of Ireland’s relationship with the Roman world. ‘Community excavation is an objective of the Drumanagh Conservation Study and Management Plan, so it is fantastic to be undertaking another season of excavation at the site’ said Christine. ‘Last year we concentrated our explorations near the Martello Tower and this year we will be investigating the original road to the tower, to the other end of the site. What we uncover will inform the future management of the site. It is also hugely exciting for the local community who have such a love for the site’.

At a recent talk to the Loughshinny & Rush Historical Society, Christine presented the results of the 2018 dig. The material uncovered relating to Martello Tower during the nineteenth century has shown just what life was like for the occupants. Animal bones retrieved shows there was eating of beef, pork and mutton as well as fish and seabirds. Wine was being drunk, tobacco smoked and a number of marbles indicate how they passed the time.

Of even more significance was the uncovering of evidence for the Iron Age at the site, with pottery from Roman Spain that would have held olive oil found at the site. Two decorated antler combs and a hilt from a small sword can all be dated to the 1st-3rd centuries AD. Radiocarbon dating of two human bones and seeds reflect a similar date range. ‘The people of the Iron Age were known as the invisible people. Here at Drumanagh we have evidence for settlement, trade, death and burial from two thousand years ago, all uncovered by the community of today’ said archaeologist Christine Baker.

Season 2 of the community excavation Digging Drumanagh will take place between 15 May and 29 May 2019. If you want like to take part or would like more information please contact Fingal County Council’s Community Archaeologist, Christine Baker at christine.baker@fingal.ie