Digital Age of Consent & Online Harassment Bill Show Commitment to a Safe Internet

May 17, 2018 0

Brendan Ryan, Labour TD for Dublin Fingal, has welcomed the Government’s adoption of a Labour Party Bill on Online Harassment which could see people jailed for up to 7 years for among other things, the non-consensual sharing of sexually explicit images, known as revenge Porn.


Brendan Ryan TD

Ryan “I have worked on this legislation, the Harmful Communications Bill following direct representations from people in Fingal who have been victims of online harassment and revenge pornography. I have dealt with very difficult cases of people who have experienced the most severe end of online harassment. It is such a worrying development of the modern information age that bullying and harassment has migrated online, a medium which can penetrate the traditional safety of the family home and affect people at any hour of the day and night. I welcome that the Government has accepted this Bill and will push it into law, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Ryan “This week labour also successfully introduced an amendment to the Data Protection Bill to raise the proposed digital age of consent from 13 years of age to 16 years of age. This stops companies harvesting the data of young teenagers for the purposes of profiling and target advertising. This amendment is not a panacea but it does lay a marker down that Ireland takes the protection of our younger people online very seriously. A lot more work has to be done but I personally believe the fight to keep people safe online be it from harassment, bullying or from unwanted ads and profiling needs to keep going. It has been a very visible change in society I have witnessed over the last decade and something which I am dealing with on a more regular basis in Fingal”.