Disappointment as Wavin Ireland seeking 20 redundancies in Balbriggan

November 8, 2020 0

Cllr Tony Murphy says that he is extremely shocked and disappointed that Wavin, a company located in Balbriggan since 1962 has announced they are now seeking 20 redundancies. Wavin were major employers for the town of Balbriggan and have survived a number of recessions. This is a real hammer blow. Families in Balbriggan have educated their children and paid their mortgages having been employed by this company.


Cllr Tony Murphy

I can only imagine the stress and the financial impact that this news will have on households particularly with the current health crisis and in the mouth of Christmas. This has to be devastating for all concerned, says Murphy. Murphy goes onto say ‘It is my understanding that the current operation in Wavin is busy and profitable, as I have been told that the company has been working on over-time since the last lock down.’ Murphy cannot understand if a company is working on over-time and profitable at the moment why would they be seeking these redundancies?

As a local Councillor in my second term of office this is very close to my own heart, I can be contacted on
086 277 2030 or email tony.murphy@cllrs.fingal.ie

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