Drowning in nettles on Balbriggan Beach

July 4, 2017 0

Year on year, there are issues with grass cutting on Balbriggan Front Strand, the town’s main beach, and those responsible seem to avoid the issues. This is the result of joint responsibility between Irish Rail, who are in charge of the upper embankment alongside the railway line, and Fingal County Council, who are responsible for the maintenance of the lower embankment.

Cllr Tony Murphy

Cllr Tony Murphy

“When I got elected for the first time in May 2014”, says Cllr Tony Murphy, “many people asked me, in their own words, – if you do nothing else will you get the grass cut regularly on Balbriggan Beach front please. I would have thought this was an easy piece of work and a simple wish to fulfill. To my frustration and disappointment, I have discovered, that there is no resolve in Fingal County Council to deliver a structured maintenance programme for Balbriggan Beach on an annual basis.” The amount of requests and correspondence to address this quite simple issue is now at an embarrassing stage and it is obvious that it is not high on the Council’s priority list.

“Balbriggan Front Strand is a lovely beach used by many people and a great leisure amenity which should be one of our best tourism attractions”, says Murphy. “If Fingal County Council do not have the workforce to support the grass cutting on the embankments, there are contractors who are capable of delivering a service to maintain the beach area to a standard worthy of the people of Balbriggan.”

“I am calling on Fingal County Council to initiate and deliver a programme of works that includes the cutting of the grass on both embankments on a regular basis along with the consideration to redesign the beach area through a public consultation process to make Balbriggan Beach a place the town and Fingal can be truly proud of”, says Murphy.