East Meath Word Geek Sets Sail with Second Book

September 1, 2020 0

Grace Tierney, an author writing in Stamullen, just north of Balbriggan, yesterday released her second book about the history of words. This time she’s set her course for a watery trip through maritime history in “Words The Sea Gave Us”. Grace, who moved to the Meath coast in 2005 says she’s nurtured a love of the sea her whole life, growing up on Dublin Bay and listening to the fog-horns and sea birds at night.

words the sea gave us Grace Tierney book cover“I’ve been blogging every Monday (www.wordfoolery.wordpress.com) for a decade now about the history behind English words. It was an easy choice to write about pirates, sailing ships, and nautical phrases in this book,” she says. She volunteers for the international National Novel Writing Month (www.nanowrimo.org) every November, mentoring writers of all ages while writing her own books too, but this time she wrote nonfiction instead of fiction – a tough challenge with all the research involved.

She believes sailors brought home words from all over the world along with phrases you’re more likely to hear in an office today. Clear the decks, pipe down, cyber, skyscraper, work strike, and slush fund all have maritime roots. She loves the stories behind the words – the final cutlass attack in World War Two, the Great Rum Debate, why Long John Silver didn’t have a peg leg, and the origin of the booby trap.

“Words The Sea Gave Us” is out now in paperback and ebook, along with her earlier book “How To Get Your Name In The Dictionary” (the stories of the people whose names entered the dictionary, from Casanova to Zeppelin).

What’s next for this self-confessed word geek? She’s neck deep in Old Norse for the next book in the series, “Words The Vikings Gave Us”.

Available now in paperback

Available now in ebook format (all around $2.99)