The evenings are closing in but Balbriggan Walking group is getting stronger!

September 13, 2018 0

The evenings are certainly getting darker and the temperatures have dropped but this hasn’t stopped Balbriggan Walking Group from getting out and about to complete their walks. The group have really upped the pace over the last few weeks and although some of the evenings seemed cold and wet to begin with, once the walking and the chatting gets started you really do forget about the weather.

We have some really good feedback from the group and our regular walkers always have a great story to tell so if your thinking about getting involved, put on your trainers and head down to the Church carpark on Monday and Wednesday nights at 7:30pm and come join us, it’s free!. We leave at 7:30pm sharp (not a minute before or a minute after) and we are always happy to see new faces…

As part of the Get Ireland Walking initiative there is a free 5k walk in Balbriggan on Saturday 15th September,  full details on our events page

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