Exciting art project underway in Balbriggan

May 23, 2019 0

Update:  The wall is now finished and certainly brightens up the town.  A big well done and thank you to Trish, Ronan and the students from Balbriggan Youthreach especially Sean Whitehouse and Nigel Jani for transforming this drab brick wall into a colorful landscape.  If you are interested in starting a project in the town talk to Balbriggan Tidy towns who are always looking for people to get involved and help

14-May-19: As we head closer to summer and the temperatures starts to increase a fantastic art project is taking shape on George’s Hill in Balbriggan. Balbriggan Tidy Towns in conjunction with Youthreach and artist Trish Weldridge are making sure that the flowers bloom this summer in Balbriggan as they take on an art project to brighten the town. 

Tidy Towner, Ronan Kelly, spent a lot of time prepping the wall and on first approach the wall doesn’t seem that large but when you stand stand beside it you realise the sheer size of the project they have undertaken.   A big well done Ronan who is also helping Trish with the painting of the mural.

Trish designed the mural and has marked it out on the wall and the students in Balbriggan Youthreach are working with Trish to painting the leaves and flowers and bring the wall to life.

It’s people like Ronan, Trish and Balbriggan Tidy Towns who go out of their way to make the town better so a big thank you to each and everyone one of you for giving up your time and for your creativity. If you have an idea for a project get in touch with Balbriggan Tidy Towns who are always looking for people to help and get involved.

Here are some photos of the work in progress from the beginning and the hard work has really made a big difference