Exciting Project to Transform Balbriggan Harbour…

September 26, 2013 0

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Balbriggan’s harbour is a hive of activity when it’s fishing fleet who give the harbour it’s vibrancy return from the sea. The fishermen who own the containers on the harbour use them to store equipment required in order to do their jobs and earn a living.

On any given day if you visit the harbour when the fishing boats return, you can’t help but get excited. The fleet is followed closely by the resident seals and the battle between the seals and the seagulls for the best pickings is a sight to behold There is no place like it regardless of the weather!

This weekend an exciting project is kicking off to give the containers on the harbour a facelift. The brainchild of Kim from Balbriggan.info who came up with this fantastic idea, the project has quickly gained traction and is now ready to kick off.

The design

The design

Kim designed the artwork and had long discussions with Joe and David to see how the project could move from an idea into a reality. After contacting the container owners and getting their buy for the project the team at Balbriggan.info knew that they needed to get their skates on if this project was ever to get off the ground.

Joe got in touch with Balbriggan Youth Service (Foroige) to get their feedback and see if they would like to become involved. The team at Balbriggan Youth Services are no strangers when it comes to large projects and this project was right up their street. Balbriggan Youth Services were able to offer artists and provide some funding which meant that the project could now move to the next phase.

The project still required additional funding and Joe spoke to Tony Murphy of Goldsmith Jewellers who instantly came on board and provided the additional funding required for phase one of the project

Tony Murphy said: “I’d like to thank Joe Kelly from Balbriggan.info for introducing me to this project. This is a perfect example of a community working together to make their town a better place. With the buy in from the fishermen and the labour supplied by the Foroige club it was an easy decision for me to make and financially support this idea.

I think visually this will have an amazing impact on the harbour but more than that, the Foroige club will get a great sense of achievement which should make all the kids involved proud of their work and proud of where they come from.

I am involved in the Public Realm Implementation Committee and it can be very frustrating at times when great ideas come to the fore but without capital funding little can be achieved. In Railway Street a micro study was carried out by The Paul Hogarth company ,an urban design company and some of this projects small wins which were identified have already been completed by the residents and stakeholders. The real impact will come when capital is made available from the local authority to complete the project.

In the meantime the people of Balbriggan along with the business community and other interested groups should” continue collectively to strive to improve the Town. I hope this small project at the harbour will be the start of more homegrown improvements”

If you would like to get involved or if you think you can help with this project please contact info@balbriggan.info