Balbriggan Tourism welcomes Fáilte Ireland to Balbriggan

July 8, 2016 0

As chairperson of Balbriggan Tourism I was delighted to welcome Ciara Scully and Helen McDaid from Fáilte Ireland to Balbriggan yesterday afternoon for a tour.  It had been many years since Ciara and Helen had been in Balbriggan. The purpose of their visit was to assess Balbriggan from a tourism perspective and advise as to how best to achieve our real potential as a tourism proposition. They recognised some early wins for Balbriggan and the distinct advantage of having a hotel in the middle of Town. Balbriggan Tourism Committee intend to work closely with Fáilte Ireland as we develop our branding, which include video maps and  a website presence all under the “Breath of fresh air logo”.

The focal point of their tour was a visit to Bremore castle and to say they were impressed would be an understatement. The value that Bremore castle will offer the community of Balbriggan and as a tourist attraction cannot be overstated. Presently Fingal County Council are engaging with a team of consultants to do a strategic review of all eight of their heritage properties including Bremore. The results of their findings will be available in September.

Cllr Tony Murphy,
Chairperson Balbriggan Tourism