Fingal County Council to invest in Stephenstown, Balbriggan

November 1, 2017 0

Fingal County Council have agreed to invest in servicing Lands at Stephenstown, Balbriggan. A motion put down by Cllr Tony Murphy at the economic development and enterprise Strategic policy committee was agreed. “That Fingal County Council assess the business case to service more lands at Stephentown and based on the final analysis identify the amount of lands needed and a funding stream.”

Cllr Tony Murphy

Cllr Tony Murphy

Serviced lands in Stephenstown have proven to be very advantageous in attracting new business to the area to date.

This investment will offer Balbriggan a competitive edge when companies are considering their locations.

The lands  at Stephenstown in the ownership of Fingal County Council extend to some 22.84 Hectares or 56.43 Acres. Some 10.2 Hectares of same are zoned “GE”, General Employment, in the current county development plan with the remaining lands zoned as “HT”, High Technology.

The Council proposes to service all 22.84 Hectares of land, in order to make them suitable for future use by businesses. The servicing of the land will involve:

  1. construction of an access road and associated northern roundabout and spurs &
  2. extension of services e.g. water supply, waste water infrastructure, electricity and telecoms ducting along the route of the proposed roads.