Fingal County Council issues Notice of Provisional Determination of Abandoned vessel on 3 boats in Balbriggan Harbour

April 13, 2019 0

Back in March 2018, a number of boats along the lighthouse pier succumbed to the large volumes of water coming over the harbour wall and sunk. The boats have remained in the harbour since that day and on 21st March 2019 Fingal County Council issued Notice of Provisional Determination of Abandoned vessel on the 3 boats.

The notices can be seen in the noticeboard directly beside the sunken boats.

Part of the notice reads “In accordance with Bye-law 12, this notice is served forthwith, witnessed by a member of An Garda Siochana. Failing to remove vessel within 10 days from 21st March in a proper and safe manner to satisfaction of an Authorised Officer of Fingal County Council, the vessel shall be deemed by the Council to be an abandoned vessel and shall be disposed of in accordance with Bye-law 13. All costs associated with the removal and/or disposal of this vessel are to be borne by the owners or former owners as the case may be. ”

You can read the full notices on the noticeboard at the harbour

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