Food for Thought with Professor Donal O’Shea & panel of specialists at Loreto Balbriggan

January 19, 2017 0

On Wednesday 18th January 2017 Loreto Secondary School Balbriggan played host to a very special evening that promised to take a more measured and informed approach to young people’s nutrition and to the nation’s health.   ‘Food for Thought’ is a gathering of great minds to discuss and demonstrate what healthy eating is and what it should be all about.

Professor Donal O’Shea, the country’s leading expert on obesity, was the keynote speaker for the evening and joining him was a whole host of other well-known experts in the field. Dr Kevina Cardiff, a dietitian specialising in diabetes, cardiovascular problems and weight management speaking about some of the hard to shake myths surrounding sugar. Past pupil Cathy Monaghan, Senior Paediatric Dietitian and founder of, Dr. Lyndsey McTavish Lynam, specialist in childhood dental care, and Nicola O’Byrne, leading lactation specialist were also present to share their knowledge.

No discussion about healthy eating could ever be contemplated without the inclusion of some wholesome treats on the evening menu and the talks will be closely followed by a cookery demonstration offering practical ideas and suggestions for parents on family dinners and lunchbox nutrition.  A very well organised, ,well attended and informative evening.