Friends of Autism and ADHD Provide Funding of over €22,422

December 8, 2010 0

Friends of Autism and ADHD is a charity shop based in Balbriggan and Skerries. Its aim is to provide funding to ensure the full time support of the advocacy worker, for families in the Fingal area. We are delighted to be in position to be able to again provide funding of over €22,422.00 towards the advocacy post. This will allow Fingal Leader Partnership maintain the post on a full time bases.

Friends of Autism and ADHD believe strongly in giving back to the community. We are delighted to be also able to support the work of Foroige. Friends of Autism and ADHD are providing over €4,000 in funding to Foroige to run a Brother And Sister Empowered programme for brothers and sisters of those with special needs.

Funding of €500.00 is being made available to the Remember us .This funding will go towards the many various activities run for the young people throughout the year. Friends of Autism and ADHD, are also providing funding of €500.00 for the Skerries day-care centre and hope this token of appreciation will go somewhere towards supporting their brilliant work.

Two local Skerries schools recived a donation of €200 towards the resource section of the school. Both Holm Patrick National School and St Patricks NS where delighted with the funding. For more information on Friends of Autism and ADHD contact Ms Jenny Smith on 8020484 .If you require support from the advocacy person, please contact Ms Sarah McNally on 01-8020484.For information on ADHD go to and for more information on Autism go to