Glebe North FC – Show Racism the Red card Initiative

October 7, 2016 0

The FAI’s Intercultural Football Programme in conjunction with the education project Show Racism the Red Card (SRTRC)  and other partners are co-ordinating grassroots club based actions as part of the UEFA supported Football against Racism in Europe campaign/ weeks (fare weeks). Clubs at  all levels of the game across Europe from the grassroots to the Champions League will promote respect for diversity and make a stand against racism/discrimination.

show_racism_the_red_cardBetween 8th and 22nd October 2016, all over Europe, actions are taking place to make a stand against racism within football from clubs like ours to national league clubs in Ireland and other countries and also at international games and Champions League matches.

Glebe North FC believes the values of sport are for fairplay and to achieve our goals we need teamwork, communication and trust among teammates and all involved within the club. The spirit of fairplay is for a level playing field for all and that means there can be NO tolerance for racism and any form of discrimination.

Glebe North FC will be part of this International UEFA initiative, starting this Sunday October 9th,  at 9:45 am, Pump Lane, Balbriggan, before the kick off of the Under 11 girls team,  showing racism the RED card, wearing special bibs and Wristbands.

For further information about the Red Card (SRTRC) click here