Great Lighthouses of Ireland

November 1, 2018 0

The epic story of Ireland Lighthouses and the people who worked to keep Ireland’s coastline safe has been well documented in a new series Great Lighthouses of Ireland. Managed by Irish Lights these lighthouses tell the story of how the lighthouses first came to be The programme looks at Hook Head home to a 800-year-old lighthouse: the oldest working lighthouse in the world.

This RTÉ One new four part series explains our dependence on the sea, our battle with the elements, and the engineering, history, science and above all the people, behind these extraordinary buildings, and the pivotal role they have played in historic events.

Balbriggan Lighthouse built in 1769, recently had it’s dome replaced and will celebrate 250 years next year so it is great to get an insight into the history of Ireland lighthouses and how efficiently they were run  – click here to view a video of the dome being lifted into place and click here for photos of the new dome at night.

If you didn’t get the chance to see the programmes it is certainly worth checking them out  on RTE player

Season 1 Episode 2: No longer available on RTE player but keep your eye out for the replay
Season 1 Episode 2: Click here

Season 1 Episode 3: Click here
Season 1 Episode 4: Click here